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10 Best and Must-Have Royal Bullet Accessories for The Riders


There are more aspects to Royal Enfield than just being a brand. It is a feeling that has gone a long way toward assisting you in raising your standard. Modern automakers are creating cutting-edge accessories to improve your riding experience. You may equip new motorbike models with the latest technology. As a result, this post will walk you through the list of essential royal bullet accessories that you must consider.

Royal Bullet Accessories That Are a Must-Have

The Royal Enfield comes in a variety of models, and you can customise it with cutting-edge motorbike accessories. The list is full of practical and affordable add-ons, like silencers and a backpack for bikers. They enhance your riding performance while enhancing the functionality of your bike.

Following is a list of the top 10 Continental or Interceptor 650 accessories that every bullet rider would enjoy.

  • Bike Cover

This is one of the necessary royal bullet accessories for riders of Royal Enfield motorcycles. Regardless of the brand of your bike, you really must invest in a high-quality, long-lasting bike cover. You must already be aware of how crucial it is to get motorcycle cover. 

It shields your bike from debris such as dust, mud, and bird droppings. Covering them is crucial since motorcycles like Royal Enfield require a lot of maintenance and attention. For its different models, this brand also provides custom bike coverings.

  • Saddle Bags

If you own a motorcycle, saddle bags are among the greatest and most essential accessories you should have. It can be useful on lengthy car journeys. This bag can help you to carry your necessary belongings. You can easily fasten it to the bike rails. 

The attraction of your motorcycle might increase significantly with the help of this fantastic, vintage-style bag. A sturdy and high-quality saddle bag will serve you well and last long too. Most bike riders previously found it to be appealing, but the craze seems to be growing day by day. 

  • Crash Guard

Crash guards are necessary for bikes classified as “bullet.” A good crash guard protects your loved one in the event of a collision or other traumatic events. Additionally, it prevents any serious engine and chassis damage. Crash guards explicitly manufactured for the whole series of Royal Enfield bikes are available at various dealerships.

  • Alloys

One of the most popular modifications made by owners of Royal Enfield motorcycles is purchasing new rims for the vehicle. Today, you may find a large choice of aftermarket and dealership solutions. The dealerships offer almost all sets, from multi-spoke to two-spoke.

You might have to pay a little more than you occasionally find at retail shops. But you can be confident that the rims you get are genuine. If you buy something from the neighbourhood markets, you can get a faulty item. It is, therefore, a good idea for riders of Royal Enfield to purchase these royal bullet accessories from authorised retailers. 

  • Colour or Teflon Coating

What else could be more exciting than customising your bike? According to your requirements, Teflon or coloured coatings are available at most Royal Enfield dealerships. Moreover, to extend the lifespan of your motorcycle, you may also put anti-rust coatings on it.

  • Silencers

As you ride the bullet, the streets will hear that famous thump and an equally powerful exhaust. In addition to enhancing the bike’s acoustics, a good silencer increases the bike’s performance by a few levels. 

The dealership offers a number of options to let your new bike scream out of the showroom. Furthermore, it comes as no surprise that Royal Enfield motorcycles are popular for their loud, head-turning roar. 

  • Windscreen

It’s possible that windscreens aren’t all that beneficial for daily commuting. However, if you frequently go on long bike rides, they could be a comfort. A strong, rigid windscreen might save you from getting tired on long journeys. Get a windscreen that meets your riding needs; dealerships have them in a variety of sizes.

  • Wheel Guard

A wheel protector is necessary if you often ride with a passenger whose clothing could end up on the wheels. Purchasing these royal bullet accessories sounds like a fantastic idea, even though they don’t yet appear to be particularly beneficial. It is a simple, inexpensive solution that is easily accessible at dealership stores and helps minimise possible issues.

  • Hand grips

The ease of a hand grip can make riding much more comfortable. For the Classic and Bullet models, custom hand grips are available from Royal Enfield dealerships. One of the small particulars that many people overlook is the hand grip. However, using the correct hand grips might help your hands more than you would think. They provide better grip levels and prevent palm fatigue from gripping the handlebars.

  • Panniers

Panniers are highly practical, despite some people claim that it lacks style. And today, you may have them without giving up functionality for looks. Dealerships provide a variety of colours, designs, and sizes of specifically crafted Royal Enfield panniers.

These days, online sites like Carorbis make it simple to purchase these royal bullet accessories for riders. Despite being an emerging online retailer, they provide the highest quality vehicle parts and accessories. Additionally, the prices of their accessories are also reasonable.

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