8 Ways to Give Product Unique and Luxury Look By Custom Boxes


If you want your product journey to be exclusive then your packaging should be more appealing and as per human desire. Custom packaging is an expression that makes companies more excited and concerned. It is very common that whenever a product is purchased, its packaging is first highlighted and evaluated.

It is important to have a clear idea and image of what to achieve with your custom product packaging and design. Custom packaging serves as your product marketing plan along with its brand value. The secret of custom packaging is to airstrike the balance between your brand and the customers. We need to understand that custom packaging is the best tool to grab customer attention.

Brands now use various artistic approaches and strategies to market and sell their product internationally. Creativeness is the key to success in the current market as competition is highly increased in past few years. Here are a few ways which make your product unique and luxurious by using customized boxes

Color Theme/Pattern

Colors are a great tool to attract customer attention and an easy way to produce great results. The colors of custom-printed boxes generate creativity and are used to make multiple patterns. There is always a range of colors to be used for making unique patterns. While using combinations and colors on custom packaging boxes will help you generate an optimistic response in favor of your product. Therefore, if you need to gain public attention towards your selling item then the color theme of your custom packaging boxes should be delicate and stylish.

Unique Style

Custom packaging serves as a brand ambassador of your product as it represents your brand identity in the market. Unique custom packaging will not only attract the customer but will also benefit you in countless ways. Some common shapes of packaging are circle, square and rectangular shape whereas the common material used is cardboard. Apart from these common ways, several unique style boxes such as pillow style box, box, and the lid, middle hinged style are also the purpose of making your brand recognition.


When we talk about the unique and luxurious look of custom packaging boxes, we must examine their handling. These handles may be on the side or on top but are also one of the common elements in custom packaging. A handle helps in carrying the box with love and care. A handle is designed as per the product design and the weight it will carry. Offering a unique and reliable handle on custom packaging boxes is another element of winning the customer’s trust.


To further distinguish your product from others, the material is the most common and important aspect in making your custom packaging boxes more luxurious. You can make your product more reliable while using the best material quality. Some goods always need extra protection so using good quality can help in winning the customer’s trust. Further, it shows that you took the customer’s order and product with care and great value.


Another way of making your custom luxury rigid boxes more valuable is adding scent to your boxes which are hardly being used and are rare in the market. You can also add any tag of ribbon which contains scent to make your customer feel more relaxed and pleased. This strategy is widely used for cosmetic products and other women’s accessories as it involves love and cares for your customer.

Logo and Stickers

Here talking about the luxurious way of packaging boxes is to add a logo tag or sticker to your packaging boxes. A sticker can be placed inside the box or on top of the packaging which may contain your brand details. This way will surely make your custom boxes more unique and attractive.

Product Details

A unique and perfect custom box packaging comes up with the detail. Maybe you can add product details over the packaging or can share them inside the box. Product details can make your customer feel more at ease with all the features on top.

An emotional response for your customer

Custom box packaging can also look unique while adding or sharing an emotional response for the customer. The same color packaging or any care note may create your brand and its packaging stands out. These small additional works are associated with happiness and celebration.

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