Best Recyclable Wrapping Paper For Christmas Gifts

Best Recyclable Wrapping Paper For Christmas Gifts


Don’t get us wrong, we love receiving gifts in flashy, sparkling packaging, but we also care a lot about the environment. Additionally, a lot of paper trash can be produced during the holiday gift-giving process.

As a result, recyclable Christmas wrapping paper rolls are the way to go if you’re looking for a way to keep the celebrations eco-friendly this year.

Looking for recyclable wrapping paper for a more eco-friendly, sustainable Christmas this year?

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a stash of beautifully wrapped presents tucked under the tree, but our penchant for pretty packaging isn’t especially environmentally-friendly.

Although paper is widely recyclable, a lot of gift wrap is made with shiny foil and glitter, which can’t be recycled – so it has to go in the bin.

How we made our selection of the top recyclable wrapping paper

Only a very small number of specific types of holiday Christmas wrapping paper rolls are genuinely recyclable, even though you might be quick to crumple and put any of them into the recycling bin. 

Paper with a shiny finish, sparkly dust, or seductive foil elements cannot be recycled and will thus eventually wind up in a landfill. 

What to take into account when buying recyclable wrapping paper

Materials: Although recyclable Christmas paper may not end up in a landfill, you should consider its origins before making your choice. 

Some alternatives use recycled paper, making them more environmentally beneficial in production, while others use eco-friendly elements like a honeycomb, which can decompose organically.

Packing: It should go without saying that the shipping supplies that wrapping paper comes in might also end up in landfills. For this reason, several of our top options have recyclable or biodegradable packaging. 

Durability: There’s no denying that recycling materials are the best approach to cutting down on holiday waste. Think about how durable your wrapping materials are because textile choices or denser paper can likely be recycled or used for the following Christmas.

Stunning Recyclable Wrapping Papers, 10 of Them

1) Christmas gift wrapping paper from The Doodle Factory

This U.K.-based paper manufacturer specializes in heavy-weight, fully recycled gift wrap with various striking patterns. 

The Doodle Factory’s holiday collection is endearing and exuberant, and devoted customers rave about how easy it is to work with this premium paper because it doesn’t shred too readily. 

2) Sheets of Bio Brown Christmas Wrapping Paper

This Kraft paper bundle has six thick, sizable sheets of wrapping paper, each with a unique holiday-themed image. We like this strong paper’s designs because they are simple and timeless, and we also like it since it has a matte texture that looks and feels premium. 

3) Jackson Kraft Wrapping Paper for the Holidays

This four-pack of Kraft Christmas wrapping paper rolls is downright elegant with its muted hues and patterns. 

This affordable bundle also boasts 120 square feet of paper with cutting grid lines on the back to reduce waste and up your wrapping game, so you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

4) Bundle of Hallmark Kraft Red, White, Blue, and Black wrapping paper.

Here is a gift-wrapping kit with 88 square feet of attractive Kraft paper in muted patterns. Utilize it during the winter holidays, and then keep it on hand for just about any other event.

5) Christmas Elephant Holiday Wrapping Paper from Wrappily

This wrapping paper is manufactured from recycled newsprint and, by all accounts, feels very much like a newspaper. We are fascinated with the quirky but cheerful elephant graphic on it. 

6) Hallmark Children’s Recyclable Wrapping Paper

These four rolls of premium Hallmark Kraft paper, each with 22 square feet of wrapping space, are decorated with vibrant Christmas lights, reindeer antlers, snowflakes, and candy cane stripes.

7) Hallmark’s bundle of recyclable wrapping paper with pinecones and trees

This 150-square-foot Kraft paper combination from Hallmark, with equally secular and festive images, should do the trick if you’re seeking seasonal vibes but aren’t overtly holiday-specific.

8) Eco-friendly reversible wrapping from Wrappily Paper

This recycled newsprint gift wrap from the people at crappily is another green winner. It comes in three enormous (21.5 by 34 inch) sheets of wrapping paper and has two festive prints for the price of one.

9) Recyclable wrapping paper by all port Editions X Wrappily Warhol Santa

With this quirky little ditty, good old Saint Nick has received a taste of 1960s pop art style. Bonus: The wrapping paper may be turned around for Warhol-inspired feelings with year-round gifting potential.

10) Roll of Ruspepa Kraft Paper Wrapping

Fans claim that this 25-square-foot package of elegant-looking black, white, and tan wrapping paper is the perfect thickness not too thin, nor too thick. The useful gridlines are a holiday perk.


Hear us out, Christmas wrapping paper rolls enthusiasts: You can still wrap your gifts beautifully without creating extra waste. Fortunately for you, we discovered several excellent eco-friendly wrapping paper companies that care about you.

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