Bookkeeper360: Features, Pricing & Alternatives 2022


It offers cloud-based bookkeeping, business advisory services, and accounting services. Bookkeeper360 offers seamless integration with Xero’s cloud-based accounting software because it is a Xero Platinum Partner. The first three months are 20% off for new customers who spend up to $20,000 per month on expenses. Prices start at $399/month.

Pros and Cons of Bookkeeper360


  • There is no charge for consultations
  • It is compatible with both Xero Online and QuickBooks Online
  • Services and solutions tailored to your needs
  • If you want to cancel, there is no contract; you can do so at any time
  • In one to two weeks, it can be set up easily.


  • In comparison with other online bookkeepers, it’s not as cheap
  • FreshBooks is not compatible with FreshBooks
  • There are starting prices for each service available online, but most pricing is based on quotes.
  • To begin a pay-as-you-go plan, you must pay a $500 retainer

When should you use Bookkeeper360

  • The Bookkeeper360 online booking service is a great choice for Xero and QuickBooks Online users due to its scalability, seamless integration with Xero, and affordability.
  • Start-ups and growing companies: It offers scalable solutions with add-on services such as payroll and human resources (HR), tax filing, and chief financial officer advice (CFO).
  • Using accrual-based accounting is possible with Bookkeeper360. Accrued expenses and deferred revenue are included.

Bookkeeper360 New Feature 2023

The Marketplace section has been added to Bookkeeper360. It lists all third-party software that integrates with Bookkeeper360. Apps are categorized by payroll, payments, and eCommerce.

  • Capital for national business
  • gusto
  • a2x

There are third-party apps on the Bookkeeper360 Marketplace that can be connected to Bookkeeper360 services to offer exclusive discounts to new customers. Not all third-party integrations offer discounts or offers for new customers.

virtual bookkeeping services

Bookkeeper360 Pricing

We found Bookkeeper360 to be an excellent software and bookkeeping service, but its high price resulted in a low rating on price compared to other services. You can also find the best virtual bookkeeping services in the USA. Our research suggests that small businesses may find the service too expensive for their limited budgets.

There are many options available to businesses through these services. However, the final cost may vary as a result of the differences in prices between the services. Here is a list of Bookkeeper360’s core bookkeeping services’ prices. A variety of additional services are available at an additional cost, including payroll, taxes, and human resources (HR).

Our new customers receive a 20% discount on their monthly service fee for the first three months

Tax & Consulting Services

The tax services offered by Bookkeeper360 include individual and business income tax filings, local tax filings, 1099 reporting, tax planning, and compliance. Tax advisory is included in the tax services. If you have tax-related questions, you can consult your tax advisor.

A CFO advisory program from Bookkeeper360 helps you analyze your finances and create a plan to manage and grow your business. In addition to business coaching, capital management, and capital management, a CFO can assist you in optimizing your business, reducing costs, and maximizing profits.

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As part of the CFO’s duties, he can assist in determining key performance indicators, performing profitability analyses, developing a growth strategy, optimizing cash flow, and planning for expansion.

Personal Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper360 assigns you a dedicated accountant who will help you determine the best strategy for your business after you enroll. They are not freelancers or contractors, but United States-based bookkeepers. Your bookkeeper can be reached by phone or scheduled for unlimited meetings.

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You can also contact your adviser using the Tasks section. Instead, you can create a task for your bookkeeper, which they will reply to, as communication occurs within Bookkeeper360.

An assigned bookkeeper from Bookkeeper360 will talk to you by phone and come up with a service plan that fits your needs. Among these are setting the frequency of service and deciding whether additional services are required, such as tax filing, payroll, human resources, or payroll. By connecting Bookkeeper360 with QuickBooks or Xero, you’ll be able to manage all your finances online with your bookkeeper.

Your bookkeeper can be reached via email, chat, or phone at any time. Monthly financial statement reviews are conducted over the phone. Both you and your bookkeeper will be given access to the screen so that you can view your financial statements.

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