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Get a Car loan in UAE to make your dream come true  

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Auto Finance is the best way to get the best and amazing dream car of your own choice. There are lots of people that are looking for a new car and they trying to make their dream come true in various ways. But due to many circumstances, they can’t get the opportunity and therefore they move forward with broken hearts. But not now, especially if you are living here in UAE, we won’t let you go down. Because we have a solution for you through which make your dream come true is not a problem at all.  

UAE consists of a fabulous banking sector that is providing car loan in UAE at the best rates. You may find out several kinds of banks here, that are serving their auto finance services for many years. These banks will not give you only loan for new cars but you can also get used car loan as well. The rates and interest will be also manageable for you and you can easily pay your regular installments due to flexibility in time. Even if you want to obtain any kind of specific sports car with high-quality features and specifications, you can also attain your favorite one.    

Various banks in UAE with Auto finance service 

1 –  SIB Car loan  

This bank is prevailing in UAE and working for many years to provide the best auto finance services. Sib is considered a good option for taking a car loan, the first reason behind this scenario is its Islamic banking system. It considers one of the most popular Islamic bank that facilitates consumers with new and used, car loans. If you are also one of those who are seeking auto finance from this bank. Make sure you are eligible for a car loan in SIB. To check your eligibility, just call the bank or visit its web pages on the internet. All the details you will obtain that you want to know about requirements.  

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2 – Emirates NBD car finance  

Everybody knows about Emirates NBD and its financial services, in which auto loan is also prominent. It will give you a facility of fastest approval, you can attain the car loan within 1 day. This bank is giving the best rates for every vehicle, especially for new and old cars. There are some additional privileges attached to the car loan that Emirates NBD is giving you. These benefits are including services of roadside assistance whenever you need it, and a free account opening service in the bank.  

3 – Noor Bank Auto Loan  

This bank is also an Islamic bank with very different features as compared to others. This bank can give the facility of direct delivery also. In which, the new branded car will be delivered to your doorstep immediate from the showroom. But when we talk about used car finance in Dubai, this bank is offering various discounts and deals with those used cars.  

Eligibility criteria of all the above-mentioned banks  

  • To get a SIB car loan your salary must be about 8000 AED with a constant rate of interest. The monthly installment is almost 17k with a 0% down payment.  
  • Emirates NBD requires a minimum salary of about 6000 with a down payment of 20% and with constant interest.  
  • To get a car loan in UAE from Noor bank, the salary must be up to 8000 with a 2.60% fixed rate.   
  • Your ID card, visa, passports, utility bills, and salary certificates are essential things. Make sure you got a driving license as well, which is again the most important thing

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