Cartoon Tank Drawing

How to Draw A Cartoon Tank


How to Draw A Cartoon Tank. When it comes to tools of war, many amazing inventions and advances help to give armies the upper hand in warfare. Few of these advancements are more powerful or devastating than tanks, and these massive armored vehicles are a sight to behold.

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They have a very specific structure with lots of detail, so learning how to draw a tank can sometimes be quite a task! As with any drawing challenge, it can become a lot easier if you follow the right steps, and that’s exactly what we will do for you in this guide.

How to Draw A Cartoon Tank

Step 1

In this first phase of drawing the cartoon tank, we will create a large part of the tank. It would help if you used a ruler for this guide, as some straight lines and angles are used throughout. There are also two round headlights on the front of the tank, and the tread contours are drawn with some rounded shapes under their fenders.

Step 2

This step of our how to draw a cartoon tank guide focuses on adding some extra details and parts to the areas you started in the first step.

First, there is a rounded object with some line detail near the back of the fender on the right. Finally, sketch the tread on the left for this step as it appears in our reference image.

Step 3

A tank’s treads work a bit like a conveyor belt and need the texture to create friction that pushes the tank forward. We will add this texture to the step surfaces in this step.

We’ll add some fairly simple horizontal lines across the treads. The reference image should help you place these lines to show perspective.

Step 4

We continue with this cartoon tank drawing and add some of the interior details of the steps. The belt is a wheel-like structure within the stair that we will now draw.

Each wheel has an oval outline with a small rounded section. We will also add minor details to other sections, like the front of the tank. Once you’ve seen it as in our reference, let’s move on!

Step 5

In this guide step, we will start with the top section of the tank. But before that, let’s add a fairly large rectangular shape on the front of the tank with some smaller ones underneath.

Next, we’ll add the hinged top part of the tank. This section has a few corresponding rounded sections, and the top will be fairly flat. We’ll be adding more to this section soon!

Step 6

For this part of your cartoon tank drawing, we’ll draw the rest of the top section you started in the previous step.

We’re going to add another round section on the left, which will have a space where the cannon will go in the next step. We need to add a flat section, and then it’s time for the finishing touches!

Step 7

In this step of our how-to draw a cartoon tank guide, we will add the final details and elements to prepare you for the final step. Draw the tank’s gun first. This one has two straight lines to the main weapon arm, and then there’s a thicker cylindrical part at the end.

Draw A Cartoon Tank

Next, we’ll add dots around the details of the tank to show where the rivets and screws hold it together. After the final touches, will you draw more details? You could add a background to show where this tank operates!

Step 8

Now you are ready to complete this amazing cartoon tank with some colors! The tanks can come in various color combinations depending on the environment in which they are deployed. In our reference image, we’ve opted for a mix of darker shades of gray and yellow to give this tank a striking look.

Cartoon Tank drawing

We can use these colors in your design if you like the look, and you can use your favorite artistic mediums to bring the colors to life. You can opt for unique colors and go even further with camouflage patterns.

Your Cartoon Tank Drawing is Finished!

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