Energy Efficiency with house renovation guide

How to Improve Energy Efficiency With House Renovation

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It is important to consider the aesthetics of the home when undergoing a complete renovation. It is a smart idea to take advantage of this opportunity to improve energy efficiency. We will be discussing energy efficiency today and how to incorporate it into your reform.

You can change tiles, remove partitions to increase space, install new toilets, and paint there are many things that you can include in a reform.

But, if your goal is to have great final results, make sure to include a review of your house to determine how energy efficient it is.

It is important to understand that most homes built before 1990 didn’t consider energy conservation, environmental care, and responsible energy consumption. These houses often need important modifications to make them more comfortable and efficient.


How to increase energy efficiency?

Three fundamental premises will guide you to take concrete actions if you want to make a change in your home to improve energy efficiency.

Insulation improvements are needed

According to the basement renovations Orillia Specialists, Many old houses have significant problems with windows and doors that lead to terraces and balconies. Bad enclosures can be a source of heat escape in winter or cold escape if an air conditioner is installed.

It is important to review your home and replace it with a newer one that incorporates benefits such as thermal break or double glazing.


Review and replace the existing general electrical installation if needed.

It may be necessary to replace obsolete wiring in an apartment you just purchased, especially if it was built more than a decade ago. Also, It can be dangerous and require more electricity than current systems.

It is important to include in your estimate the cost of your renovation and the work of an electrician, who installs new electrical panels that allow you to access the electricity you need.


Replace the heating system.

This chapter is often the most expensive and important in a reform to ensure responsible and optimal energy consumption.

Replacing an outdated boiler and heating devices in the house can result in a 40% reduction in energy consumption. This is also good news for economic savings. Also, If you are in Wasaga Beach, Canada you may want to know about the best services for bathroom renovations in Wasaga beach.


Why make energy reforms that increase efficiency?

You should not lose sight of the “energy reform”, as it will bring you multiple benefits.

  • Enjoy more comfort in a space that is cozy and comfortable, with the right temperature.
  • Property valuation. It is more valuable to rent a renovated apartment that offers all the amenities you need without incurring additional costs.
  • Make significant financial savings.
  • Contribution towards caring for the environment.

Good energy reform is an excellent investment. It is hoped that once the reform is complete, you will enjoy the same or more services and comforts at home as before, but with lower energy consumption.

There are many reasons you should do it. First, you can modernize your home in this fundamental, but invisible, aspect. This will allow you to use all the technology and appliances you need, and maintain a comfortable temperature.

A home rehabilitation that considers energy efficiency can result in savings equal to or higher than 60% in current consumption. This thing is important to remember when you want to achieve more comfort while paying less for your utility bills.

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