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10 Best States For Energy Storage Jobs


According to Pew Research Center, the majority of Americans rank global climate change with infectious illnesses, terrorism, and nuclear weapons as a top danger.

The US aspires to attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. However, roughly two-thirds of Americans aged 18 and over believe that the federal government is not doing enough to save the environment.

In fact, storage technologies like batteries and energy storage can play a significant role in our transition to a clean energy future. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 10 best states for energy storage jobs. Read on to see which state is best suited for your career goals.

1. New Mexico: +390%

Over 11,000 jobs and $1.6 billion in economic activity were generated in New Mexico as a result of the renewable energy tax credit for producers, $600 million of which was spent on salaries. Currently, the state obtains 14% of its electricity from renewable sources, with wind farms producing 11% of the total amount.

2. Washington, D.C.

Washington offers plenty of incentives for both home and business solar power generating, despite its reputation for overcast skies.

We installed a solar energy system for our home because of the advantages for the environment and electricity costs, a Friday Harbor resident informed us. They claimed to have utilized the 30% federal solar tax credit and that because OPALCO supports net metering, they had completely offset their annual electric grid usage.

3. Montana: +355%

Although Montana has a strong coal mining economy and less favorable renewable energy subsidies than other Northwest states, it has nonetheless managed to develop significantly. The state of Montana offers natural advantages over other states in the area, including the possibility that its wind resources might be higher than those of the Columbia River Gorge and the fact that wind now accounts for 7% of the state’s Energy Storage Jobs needs.

4. Vermont: +328%

A recent analysis of the best states for renewable energy placed Vermont as the second-best state in the US, just behind California. According to the same survey by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Vermont has over 10,000 individuals working in the clean energy industry, making it the state with the highest sustainable Energy Storage Jobs per person. Amazingly, Burlington, the largest city in the state, is the only municipality in the nation to get all of its electricity from renewable sources.

5. Oregon

One of the states with the lowest carbon footprints per person is Oregon. It doesn’t produce any electricity from coal.
By 2040, 50% of the power used in Oregon must come from renewable sources, according to the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. The Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program will get an additional $10 million thanks to legislation that the state Legislature approved in 2021.

6. Delaware: +326%

As a result of governmental incentives, homeowners in Delaware have installed enough solar panels to increase installed solar capacity by 137% and produce 74.4 watts of power per person during the previous two years. In fact, the incentives have gained so much traction that legislators were forced to somewhat lower the monetary amount of individual subsidies offered to homeowners.

7. Maryland: +323%

News that the largest offshore wind farm in the country will be located in Maryland and that a sizable solar farm is being developed along its Eastern Shore show that the state’s incentive scheme is successful in encouraging the development of jobs in the renewable energy industry. Even more recently, the program was extended to include incentives for the creation of renewable energy storage systems.

8. New Jersey

New Jersey earns a position on our list of the greenest states after securing the top spot in our rankings for the safest states in the U.S. According to the EIA, the Garden State ranked third in the nation in the generation of energy from small-scale solar generating installations in 2020.

9. California

Of all the states in the United States, California produces the most solar and geothermal energy. Californians recycle rather well, yet some of the bigger cities have poor air and water quality. It’s interesting to note that Los Angeles has lofty ambitions to become the country’s first significant carbon-free metropolis.

10. Maine

Maine completes the top five greenest states and scores highly across all metrics examined. Of all the states, it has the least landfill garbage. By 2050, the Pine Tree State wants to use only renewable energy, with a shorter-term target of 80% by 2030.

Geothermal systems, electric cars, heat pumps, and other improvements to insulation are also eligible for incentives. For some modifications, residents can get home energy loans up to $15,000 over 10 years with no fees and low interest rates.


The Consumer Affairs Research Team compiled the most recent publicly available data to examine each state’s carbon emissions, waste, recycling, composting, and Energy Storage Jobs generation from Renewable Energy and nuclear sources in order to determine which states are making the most efforts to address the climate crisis.

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